I don’t want there to be confusion: Webcomics.com is not offering site hosting.

However, there will be opportunities for you to post individual comics and images to the site that will be stored on a special page for everyone to see. This will be used in community events like group sketches and possibly critiques.

For example, I’ve started a “Chapter” called “My First Comic.” The concept is simple: Post the first comic you ever posted on the Web. Be sure to select the “My First Comic” chapter. when you’re done, it will show up on this chapter page.

How to do it

You can post on this site the same way you would post on your own WordPress-based Web site! All posts have to be reviewed and approved by a Webcomics.com moderator. And the site reserves the right to edit any submitted content.

  • Simply click on the Webcomics.com link at the upper left-hand corner of your site (next to the little house) and then select Dashboard.
  • On the dropdown menubar, click Comics.
  • Select Add New.
  • And you’re off to the races.

Please use the Set Feature Image option (it’s in the right-hand column) to upload your comic.

You can even add a headline and text.

No explicit content (text or images) will be approved.