You can post on this site the same way you would post on your own WordPress-based Web site! All posts have to be reviewed and approved by a moderator. And the site reserves the right to edit any submitted content. No self-promotion, please.

  • Simply click on the link at the upper left-hand corner of your site (next to the little house) and then select Dashboard.
  • On the dropdown menubar, click Posts.
  • Select Add New.
  • And you’re off to the races. You can even upload images!

Although you will receive a promo box (see below) for your comic along with the post, the post itself should not be promotional in nature. A post about your comic’s 500th update, a new book, Kickstarter or convention appearance are not going to be approved. Rather, please post news, tips and tutorials that have relevance to the entire community.

Each Guest Post will run with a small identifier at the top of the post (viewable from the public-access version of the site) that will look like this:

GraveyardGang200This post has been submitted by Member Rich Clabaugh, creator of The Graveyard Gang.

Please remember…

• Somewhere in the body of the post, give me your name (as you want it to appear), your comic’s URL and your Twitter handle (which will be used in the Twitter feed of @Webcomicscom when your post is promoted there).

• Somewhere in the body of the post (probably the end), include your e-mail address. It will not run in the final post, but it will make things so much easier if I want to get in touch for more information, questions, suggestions, etc.

People pay attention to posts with visuals! You can upload visuals to the Media Library and insert/format them in your post the same way you would on any WordPress system.

Upload a small logo or identifying image to the Media Library. It will be used in that promo box to call attention to you and/or your comic.