Before you begin…

To learn more about the terminology, read this post on understanding a printer’s spec sheet.

Your quotes will be passed along to the following printers. Click the links to go to a forum post in which members are encouraged to report their dealings with each vendor.

  • Quad Graphics: Will not return quotes for runs under 1,000. Prints offset-only, and credit-procedures may require payment upfront.
  • Active Media: Also offers die-cuts, shrink wrap, lenticular printing, embosses, etc. members get an additional 10%-off.
  • Transcontinental: Although they are no longer extending a 10% discount to members, they are still accepting quotes.
  • Marquis Livre: They will begin printing 2-color and 4-color in 2013.

More printers are being added all the time. Your quote will be forwarded to all of the participating vendors who will, then, contact you personally. After that, will not be involved in the process. Collect the quotes you receive and choose the offer that promises the best quality for the best price.